We, the Family Rigas, are running Porta del mar Beach Villas for more than 10 years, since 2003.  We try our best every season to serve our guests  for a perfect Zante holiday. Our family and team will happily:

Welcome you and show you to your villa upon arrival,
Give you a little tour around and explain you the facilities,
Provide you with detailed information about the location, the island and its various activities or sites of interest.


Tasos K. Rigas

Tasos K. Rigas

  • Owner, designer and creator of Porta del mar villas
  • General Manager
  • Reservations Manager

Pavlina Riga

Pavlina Riga

  • Owner and designer of Porta del mar villas
  • Wedding decorations and bride' s guide responsible

Kostas Rigas

Kostas Rigas

  • Reservations Manager in Porta del mar villas
  • Cafe del mar and Services Manager

Elina Riga

Elina Riga

  • Family member-Hostess in Porta del mar



  • Waitress in Cafe del mar



  • Kitchen stuff in Cafe del mar



  • Our cleaning lady
  • For our Russian guests convenience: Our cleaning lady can speak Russian.

Sue and Robbie

Sue and Robbie

The Holistic Heaven team!

Big eyes

Big eyes

  • 11 years old already, one of the biggest cats in Zante. Such a nobble!



  • Our friendly and smiley little dog Tapa!

The "success" story

Timeline narrated by Tasos and Pavlina

Before all begins

Shortly after our wedding, came to life our two children, Kostas and Elina. Our family settled in Zakynthos in 1992 as bank employees and the following year we bought a seaside plot, which was meant to build Porta del Mar Beach villas in 2003.


A dream is born

It was a dream that had grown between us for several years and is implemented with courage, hard work, passion and great love. Our main concern was the overall construction to be true but stylish and to blend with the natural environment that we love so much.


Building the idea

We built eight villas and landscaped the surrounding gardens within a year, and in May 2004 we welcomed our first guests! The eight houses with mythical names form a “neighborhood" of a traditional village that overlooks the endless blue of the Ionian Sea. On its “feet”, spreads the sandy beach 'Psarou' with its clean waters, ideal to enjoy the tranquility and swimming from our guests .



The success of our effort exceeded all expectations: Each season was better than the previous one and within a few years PdM reached its maximum occupancy! Over the years, our two children, along with their university studies, participated in our effort to run effectively PdM and today we can say that PdM is a "family" business .



The success of PdM from the first year of operation, has led us to the idea of its continuous improvement. Nearly every year we make small improvements inside the villas and in the beach front gardens and beach: In 2007 we purchased the adjacent plot, where we gradually have created a playground, gym, mini soccer field, two beach decks and the second access to the beach.



In 2010 we bought the adjacent olive grove plot, where along with the olive oil we harvest, we grow most of the vegetables we use for the needs of «Café del mar»..



In 2013 season, we built our new "Sun set" deck and redesigned from scratch the old «Sun rise Patio" while we upgraded the Cafe del mar in our effort to offer also genuine and fresh Greek food to our guests.



This year we started to realize a 3 year plan to refurbish all the villas.

We started with a few bathrooms and upgraded them to the highest standards.

In the outside we made the new beach front “Caldera” patio, ideal for a private place to relax, read your book , be with just your friend(s) or enjoy a special dinner while you will have the best sunset views!



We continued our investment plan and on top we made significant upgrade to “Cleo” villa, that was much appreciated by our guests last summer.

In the outside we made two new additions: The “central” deck and the “Caminia” patio, both beach front.

The “Central” deck is another place to relax or eat at fresco with panoramic sea views while the smaller “Caminia” is a new place to be as near to the sea as it gets!



By investing the great part of our profits back to Porta del Mar, is for us the best RESPECT we feel that we owe to have for our guests.

In this running year we will end our three-year investment plan of the extensive refurbishing of all villas.

Some of the works are now under way and need to be done before the new season starts (April 2016) and the rest will be continued after the end of this season (November 2016 to March 2017).

We look forward to welcome you soon!


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