We are now convinced that the mass, the junk, the "fast food" at all levels, is not for us. Instead, we are drawn by quality, by the human and the natural..Walking in nature can be a very good tool in this direction. It revives, it trains and it "wakes up" both the body and the mind, while it puts a brake on the fast pace of modern day life. So, we went out "with fora", we found tracks, hidden "treasures" and we offer them to you. Promising to continue, not only the touristic season, but the whole year around.

Hiking tours by Fora include:

  • Free pick up service
  • Stops for taking pictures-sharing useful information-take a rest
  • "Tavern-therapy" in the end
  • Visits and guided tours (for free) in pottery workshops, cheese factories, oil presses, wineries: get in touch with the local production and culture.