Wedding Decorations

by Kostas / Wednesday, 30 October 2013 / Published in Weddings-Bride's guide

Wedding decorations include the decorations of your villa, the gardens, your ceremony spot and the wedding dinner tables. Pavlina, co-founder of Porta del mar, takes all decorations personally to create a special atmosphere for your wedding day. She is always willing to welcome your ideas.

Decorations include tulle, ribbons, balloons, small and bigger lanterns with main color to be the white. Occasionally a second color is used. Wedding dinner tables are specially decorated with white tablecloths, vases with flowers, candles, various small ornaments etc. Top quality materials are used.

Please note that the wedding decorations costs together with the Registrar fees are mandatory costs if you wish to have your wedding ceremony in Porta del mar.

Wedding decorations can be discussed upon your arrival as well.