Korakonisi is a monument created by nature and has a square hole on one edge, which could have been carved by human hand. It has a wild and intimate beauty.


Volimes – the villages of Ano, Kato and Meso volimes – is the largest mountainous village of Zakynthos, with great tradition, natural beauty and history.In the area there are important churches such as Saint Paraskevi which was built during the 17th century, Saint Theodosius of the 15th century, and many smaller churches. In the sea


Limnionas is more of a lagoon than a beach and is really beautiful. It is near the village of Agios Leon and is easily accessible by car with plenty space of parking. Although there is no sand, the bay is stunning with many rocks that provide adequate seating and lounging space. The water is exceptionally


Gerakas is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful beaches on Zakynthos in the area of Vassilikos. It is a long sandy beach and is a nesting place for the Caretta caretta turtles. Just a short walk from the beach are several snack bars and restaurants.

Zakynthos town

The town of Zakynthos is a new modern city, which was built in 1955, after the earthquakes of 1953. The new state, or ‘Hora’, as Zakynthians say, overlooks the azure waters of the Ionian Sea and within the serenity and charm of its idyllic landscape, lays a place of history and culture. From 1700 to


Dafni and Sekania beach are located in the south of Zante, in the area of Vassilikos. The beaches in this area belong to the Zakynthos Marine park, which protects the wildlife in the vicinity. This beach is a long, wide, sandy beach that is breathtakingly beautiful with splendid views across the gulf of Laganas.