Reiki, Hopi Ear Candles & Face Massage

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A traditional practice used for centuries, ear candling (also called coning) consists of placing a hollow cylinder coated with wax at the opening of the ear canal and lighting the other end to allow warm smoke to enter the ear.

Ear Candling is used for soothing the symptoms of ear problems. It can help relieve pain, discomfort and itching, and assist the ear in its natural removal of unwanted wax and debris including remains of infections and environmental pollution from the ear canal.

Modern ear candling uses disposable hollow candles made from strips of unbleached cotton or linen dipped in paraffin or beeswax. The spiral roll of these candles creates the same effect as the ancient pottery ear cones. Some candles are made with herbs or essential oils mixed into the wax, in a similar way as the ancients placed herbs in their ear cones for the beneficial effects of the smoke.

The warm, soothing smoke that the candle delivers to the ear canal helps dry out fluids in the ear canal, softens old hardened earwax, and stimulates the body’s natural excretion of this wax and waste material (like water, dead cells, pollen, molds and parasites) bound to the earwax. The process is relaxing and often results in a sense of “clarity” after candling.

Most people have a much greater problem with wax and moisture in their ears than they realize. Wax and moisture can also affect the functioning of the inner ear, which is critical to our sense of balance. If you have experienced a gradual reduction in hearing sensitivity, this may be due in part to wax build-up. Itching in the ears and plugged ears are also symptoms that can often be relieved by ear candling. Many people who experience discomfort in their ears when flying in an airplane or at a high altitude find that ear candling can help to relieve their symptoms. Scuba divers also find the process very useful.

The Indian Face Massage

The Indian Face Massage is based on the energy balancing principles of Ayurvedic medicine complemented by more modern techniques of acupressure, lymphatic drainage and Reiki. It is a non-invasive technique which requires no special creams or preparations, just the hands of the practitioner to return your face to a more youthful appearance and increase your feeling of well being.

Tension can build up within our facial muscles from the pressures of everyday life without us realising it. During the Indian Face Massage energy blockages can be released allowing free flow around the body. The facial muscles are toned giving a more lifted appearance and reducing sagginess. The body’s lymphatic system is encouraged, boosting the immune system and the removal of toxins. The freeing of restrictions in the connective tissue allows the fibres to slide past each other freely, giving suppleness and flexibility to the face. The freer flow of blood permits better oxygen and nutrient flow helping to increase alertness, improve skin complexion and increase feelings of general well being. The nervous system is stimulated inducing feelings of relaxation and reducing symptoms of stress.

Our treatment consists of Reiki used in conjunction with Hopi Ear Candles and finished off with an Indian Face Massage.

It is a very relaxing, uplifting experience and has proved very beneficial to many of our guests.

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