The Chocoholic’s Indulgence Massage

by / Wednesday, 03 February 2010 / Published in HOLISTIC HEAVEN, ТЕРАПИЯ, МАССАЖ

One of nature’s best kept secrets for beauty and anti-aging.

Dark, creamy, rich and buttery chocolate – indulge yourself in a treatment using your favourite luscious treat. Just a small bite of chocolate provides you with a list of beneficial nutrients such as potassium zinc, magnesium and iron. Applied on the skin, chocolate is believed to be incredibly nourishing and helpful for overall relaxation due to its luxurious texture. A chocolate massage is far more than just a luxurious relaxing therapy, it is scientifically proved to be both therapeutic as well as highly beneficial for the skin.

Interestingly when applied on the skin it induces natural slimming through the presence of Theobromine, which is similar to caffeine and produces a slimming effect on the body, helping to burn fat and diminish cellulite.

Another surprise is that chocolate therapies are anti-aging as chocolate contains Polyphenols that are known for their anti-oxidant properties. Also Chocolate has Glycerides that deliver moisturizing lipids and fats to firm and moisturize the skin. Chocolate therapies improve skin texture as chocolate contains various minerals like magnesium, potassium and calcium that are necessary for healthy cell growth & renewal.

Chocolate therapies have tremendous psychological benefits as we use 100% natural chocolate, its pure aroma triggers the release of chemicals in the brain that produces a euphoric sensation similar to when one first falls in love. It is a very effective anti-depressant, stimulating and energizing as it lifts the spirits of the receiver with a calming effect thereby reducing stress.

These therapies are effective and have a significant impact improving their skin texture and softening it. These improvements last from anywhere between one and a half months to two months from a single session! The cost involved is a bit more than a traditional massage because of the somewhat higher product cost and consequently the clean-up involved.

You know you can trust people who indulge and rub your body with chocolate!

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