Plan your reunion in Porta del mar Villas in Zakynthos Greece

Reunions Zakynthos

Organize your reunion with your former classmates or colleagues in Porta del mar! Take advantage of the special architecture of the villas and turn the resort into a private family and friends small village. Cafe del mar will be the great place to gather in the evenings (apart from your villas balconies of course) and reminisce your past feats and rivalries :) . Ice-cold beer, home-made food, cocktails and drinks will warm up the scenery, while the romantic atmosphere with the surrounding gardens will keep you fresh, relaxed and always in mood for chatting!

We offer you special evenings (BBQ, pizza night, music night, Greek night, beach parties etc.) and serve you all around the gardens or by the sea, just like in the old times! The easy atmosphere you will meet in Porta del mar resort makes it ideal for friends and classmates reunions. The beach is at your footstep, there is a playground area next to the villas keeping the children busy, there is a variety of food and drinks available anytime in Cafe del mar, and all kind of activities can be arranged at a glance.

We will make sure that you will focus on meeting your old friends and stay up to date on what has happened to your life since you went your separate ways. Please contact us towards the availability of the villas (we strongly recommend to book all of them for the occasion) and discuss the best offer for your request.