It all starts from the early morning when Tasos is preparing the dough. Normal wheat flour, water, pure honey from our Kalamata friend, extra virgin olive oil from our own groves, a bit of salt and some fresh yeast is all you need to start with.

Follows the meshing for about ½ an hour and then you leave the dough covered to …rest till it doubles its size.

What' s next? Have to deal with the clay oven: Plenty of Olive wood to open the fire near the …mouth-floor of the oven. Slowly-slowly we spread the fire to cover all the floor and reach a temperature near the 500 degrees!!! 1 ½ hours of burning fire is enough to make the oven ready to cook the pizzas.
In between we have finished preparing the toppings and the herbs to please wide range of tastes of our guests, like: Natural tomato sauce, green peppers, onions, aubergines, courgettes and fresh tomatoes from the garden, champions, Tasos’s olives, anchovies, baby zucchini, oregano, mint and parsley from our veg patch and of course a mix of mozzarella-gouda cheese and the extra virgin olive oil! All these are laid in the long wooden table to make it easy for our guests to choose and make their customized pizza!

Time to “open” the pizza dough and place it in the pans so that the guests can take their pan and carry on to build up their own pizza. Then, it all depends on Tasos’ skill to cook it in the hot oven that only takes a few minutes, enough time to relax and chill out with your drink in the beach front gardens before you start to enjoy your pizza!!!

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  1. Toby Cartledge says :Reply

    Hello, what night do you hold your pizza night?

    1. Kostas says :Reply

      Hello there, every Sunday evening, around 8:30pm. See you soon! Kostas

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