New sunrize gazebo

by / Friday, 06 December 2013 / Published in Cafe del mar, Improvements, News

Our new sunrise gazebo almost ready! The new gazebo took place of the older one. It is almost double the size, offers better sea-views and includes comfortable wooden dining tables for the needs of Cafe del mar.



The end of the old gazebo!

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  1. David says :

    Love the new website Tasos. I will be looking out for the progress of the new gazebo.

  2. PDM Regular says :

    Kostas, is it possible to insert an avatar for this section? I see there is a space for one but can`t see how to do it.


  3. David says :

    Thanks Kostas. Can`t wait for April to arrive. We are both looking forward to seeing you all again.

    Love to all at PDM.


  4. David says :

    Thanks Kostas. Soon be April. Love to all at PDM.


    • Tasos Rigas says :

      Hi Dave! Its Tasos here writing from my village in Peloponnesus where I harvest the olive trees. Fresh olive oil for you in Aprol. Can’t wait us too to see you again! we have missed you a lot! Love Pav-Tas

      • David says :

        Hello Tasos. Yes, April will soon be with us. Please don`t forget that we are very poor now so we will need a generous discount when we arrive. Otherwise it`s the caravan for us!

      • Tasos Rigas says :

        Hi Dave,
        You know very well that more poor than greeks in Europe does not exist! However, I will be generous to you because I like you both very much!Since you mentioned the caravan, we have upgraded now and we will go for a mobile home for me and Pavlina :)

  5. David says :

    This should bring tears to the eyes of Tasos and Pavlina.

  6. Stephan Thesing says :

    Hi there,

    looks promising the new sundeck, we would love to experience it from first hand sometime.
    As David says, great new website!!!


    Stephan, Annet, Maurits and Xander

  7. David says :

    I am so sad to see the end of the first “patio” Tasos. I have spent many a fine evening underneath it. HeHe.

  8. David says :

    By the way, where has the link for the Sunset Gazebo gone?

  9. Anastasia says :

    Hope to see it myself in June)

  10. Anastasia says :

    I guess not only the new deck and gazebo) everything seems so amazing!

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