Welcome to Cafe del mar

The bar and food service of Porta del mar Beach Villas

Enjoy your drink in the cool gardens

Enjoy the direct sea-views

Choose your little corner

or your private gazebo

A maestro will look after you

with fresh food every day

with home-made delicacies

with fruits, herbs and vegetables from Tasos organic garden!

With the best home-made pizza you' ve ever had

With special BBQs

and special evenings

Choose Cafe del mar for your special meal

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Cafe del mar in Zante is the Bar and Restaurant service of Porta del mar Villas. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens and sea-side terraces and promises you to serve you exquisite flavors and hours of relaxation, right on the beach-front. Whether you prefer to enjoy a cocktail, an ice-cold beer or a traditional meal, Cafe del mar will keep your request happy. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is served and always prepared with fresh ingredients.
Cafe del mar respects the quite hours and plays relaxing music throughout the day.

Why would i dine in Cafe del mar?

We care

We carefully select your meal’ s first ingredients, and start preparing your dinner meticulously already from lunch time. Most fruits and vegetables come straight from Tasos’ s organic garden. The fish is fresh and shopped from the fishing boats in Zante town, in the morning hours. The meat comes from our trusted butcher-shop. Our Chef is qualified and would be happy to meet your requests.

The sea-views are fantastic, an eye healing, relaxing treatment themselves. Feel free to choose your best little spot within Cafe del mar to enjoy your meal. Plan your romantic dinner anywhere in the area, book your private gazebo, speak directly with the chef for your desired menu!
Every so often, we organize events like BBQ and Pizza evenings, local recipes in the clay oven, music events and many more that will make your holiday exciting!
Our prices are the most reasonable in the island for the quality we offer. Euros 10 approximately for a main dish with beautiful sea-views, from an experienced chef, whenever you ask.. Isn’ t it great?
No crowds of people, we serve in time, with smile. Room service in your villa is also available at no extra charge.

If you feel to socialize, then take the chance and book to a Special Evening organized once or twice a week by Café del Mar.

Enjoy not only the special dishes and drinks offered, but also you will have the opportunity, if you so wish, to meet and exchange holiday experience and information with other guests visiting PdM from all over the world!

We BBQ both fish and meat. Local meat (lamb chops, beef, pork chops, sausages) is very fresh and tasteful while the fish is usually freshly caught sea bream or sea bass from the turquoise Ionian waters.

Very popular is also the Pizza Evenings that we organize once a week: We make the pizza dough ourselves and we lay more than 20 different ingredients and herbs on a long table where you choose your favorite toppings. Then, you pass your pizza to Pavlina and Tasos who place it in the burning clay-oven for a few minutes and that is all!

Your participation in …building up your pizza is a unique experience and surely will become a highlight of your holiday here at Porta del mar!

Today' s special meal!

Today' s special meal!Check online what is the daily special and book your meal with us!

Our recipes!

Our recipes!Our recipes list. Request your favorite Greek meal, talk directly with our chef!

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