CANOES AND KAYAKS (On site, FREE of charge)

Enjoy canoing in the crystal-clear waters of Psarou beach! A great way to start your day, combining the peaceful morning atmosphere with a little exercise. Best time to go is in the morning hours, when the waters are quiet and fresh. Porta del mar offers 5 canoes to its guests, to explore the surrounding area and keep themselves fit and close to nature. Starting your day with canoing or a swim, will fill you with freshness and will keep you live for the rest of your day.
No need for special skills, just grab a paddle and go for it! Kids love it!


A must-do in Zakynthos is a boat trip to the marvelous sites around the island. Spots of natural beauty with turquoise waters will fascinate you. Among the options are places like the famous shipwreck beach, the blue caves, the turtle island, remote beaches etc. From luxurious yachts and private trips to the traditional simple motor boats (become yourself a captain for a few hours!) we have many options available.

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Ringo ride, crazy sofa, flying fish, banana ride, water-skiing, jet-skiing, para-gliding etc ! A variety of water-sports and water-games for all ages. Hang on tight and tour the bay! Push your adrenaline to the limit enjoying at the same time beautiful, clear waters! Once in Porta del mar villas you can jump literally into every water sport. Our trusted operator will pick you up a few steps from your villa and offer you lots of fun in the nearby waters of Alykes.


Are you ready to take your first steps on the most exciting water-sport? Wind-surfing lessons offered to you just down the beach! Until the end of your holiday you will be able to use the power of the wind to make your first small rides! You will learn how to develop your balance and core stability, acquire a basic understanding of sailing theory, and learn a few techniques before progress from sailing to planing. Advanced skills such as carve gybing (turning downwind at speed), water starting or jumping are taught too.
Private lessons are available and cost very reasonable.


Enjoy a rich underwater flora and fauna, typical Mediterranean fish, octopus, and of course, the extraordinary meeting with Caretta-Caretta sea turtles! Those beautiful creatures make their passage through Psarou beach to the southern beaches of the Island. Late at night, when it's peaceful and quite the turtles come out to give birth to their little ones.
Snorkeling appeals to all ages, it is most of all a family activity. There are no dangerous jelly fishes or alike, no worries! If you plan to go far deep in the waters, please don’ t forget to get a dive flag, we have some available, just let us know!

Caretta-Caretta in Psarou beach


Even if you never dived before, our certified operator will have you experiencing a whole new underwater world by the very next day-with all the introduction and top quality equipment you need for an enjoyable dive. If you are already a scuba enthusiast, you will have the option of choosing many other unforgettable dive experiences, such as private dives or night dives.

Discover the magic of the aquatic world in the safe, interesting, warm waters of Zakynthos. Our island is unique as a destination for enjoying the wonders of the sea, on the surface and below it. Experienced and friendly diving instructors can help you learn, in the best conditions and facilities, at all diver training types. Services and dive locations can really surprise both of the experienced as well as the novice divers, to create an unforgettable diving experience.


  • Briefing with instructions and guidelines
  • Pick up and drop from/to Porta del mar villas
  • 45 min dive with full equipment and instructors
  • Commemorative photo

Dive the way you want, alone or with your private group. Personalized diving experience to fit your own individual needs.

Advanced diving certifications are offered in few days courses. Please contact us for more information.

Please note: Scuba diving is owned and operated by ZANTE BLUE REEF DIVING SCHOOL® (third-party) which is not associated with Porta del mar villas.

FISHING (FREE pick up)

Ready to practice your favorite hobby? In Porta del mar we will help you to make your first steps in fishing, or if an experienced fisherman, we will show you where there is fish underwater. With a little fish-boat and a captain available, we can organize fishing excursions near Psarou Beach or anywhere off the coast.
Wouldn’ t be great fun for your family to experience your first fish catch? Wouldn’ t be great to learn from locals in action? Either you like fish spearing, angling or hand gathering, we will provide you useful tips to practice your hobby in the best way possible!

The biggest water park in Zakynthos island and one of the biggest in Greece lies approximately a 15min drive from Porta del mar. It recently added a ‘Kamikazi’ slide for great speeds and lots of adrenaline! The Park stands on a piece of land occupying 40.000 sqm and includes high-speed slides, in-tube slides, racing slides, children’ s slides, baby-pools, snack bar, locking rooms etc. For more information, you may visit their official website.

Sarakinado water village might be the biggest one in Zante, but ‘Tsilivi Water Park’ will keep you happy as well, and is big enough to satisfy the children. This one is closer to your villa, just a 6min drive. Built in the outskirts of ‘Tsilivi’ town, in a more natural environment, where many trees and plants left in spot and more were added in order the park to meet its qualification as an “aquatic paradise”. The water-park includes all standards like racing multi-slides, black holes, rafting-slides, jacuzzi, bar etc.
In the pros of the park consider its location. Tsilivi is a sea side town with lots of shops for your needs and souvenirs and a long, nice sandy beach(bit crowdy).
For more information, you may visit their official website.

Please note: Boat trips, water-sports, scuba-diving and fishing are owned and operated by independent contractors (third-parties) which are not associated with Porta del mar villas.