BICYCLES (On site, FREE of charge)

We provide mountain and trekking type bicycles free to use for our guests. You will find the bicycles next to a locker stand in the back side of the gardens. We are also organizing(by a fitness coach) group rides nearby, in the early morning or late evening hours. You can find more information and schedules in our reception.
You will soon discover that the roads around the resort are easy to go and very interesting. If you like biking then you will love a ride down to Alykanas or Belousi area. The olives grooves, the fruits and vegetables gardens and the hospitality of the locals consist the main setting during your ride.
For information about bicycle rentals(with free delivery) and bicycle tours please visit our partner


Stay fit while enjoying your time away. In Porta del mar Beach Resort you will find a good range of exercise classes such as YOGA, Pilates, Aerobic, Zumba, Morning Power Walks etc. plus a small gym with basic equipment. Stay informed with all classes available by visiting us in our reception. Read more..

Day/Night Tennis

There are 3 tennis clubs in Zakynthos island, 2 with clay courts and 1 with hard courts. The clubs are situated at 9km, 13km and 16km respectively from Porta del mar villas. This means from 10min to 30 min drive. Enjoy your tennis practice on well maintained lighted courts, surrounded by fragrant flowers and Mediterranean gardens. Qualified tennis trainers provide lessons and complimentary instructions. Let us know your preferred day, time and type of your game and we will book your training/match and organize your transfer.

HORSE-RIDING (FREE pick up) by Yannis horses®

A definitely unforgettable experience to enjoy Zakynthos landscapes is by a horse riding. Trips through beautiful hill paths as well as trips down on the beach are offered. The rides are supervised by  "Yannis" and his qualified team.

Yannis would like to welcome you to his farm and to his stables where he is proud to have 40 horses, all of his horses are registered and Yannis undertakes a breeding programme every year.

His love of horses is inbred because his family have been keeping and breeding horses for 2 generations. A visit to his farm is a day to remember, where Yannis will take you out for an hour ride around the local countryside. The horses are so well trained that you do not have to be an experienced rider, beginners are very welcome.

Every day horse riding at the beach with the horses at the sea. Swimming for an hour with the horses!


  • 3 hours riding including 1 HOUR SWIMMING WITH THE HORSES. Euros 50/person
  • 2 hours riding including 15 min stop with snack and "raki". Euros 45/person
  • 1 hour riding the hills. Euros 20/person

Please note: Horse riding is owned and operated by Yannis horses® (third-party) which is not associated with Porta del mar villas.


'Akouarela' art show for children is performed by an ambitious painting team which comes in Porta del mar beach villas every so often to provide easy painting lessons for the children in the gardens! The painting team comes with all necessary equipment to carry out the lesson which is accompanied by a music background. The painter 'Ira' can speak four languages, has a great experience with the aquarelle technique, and is well known for her painting works. What a great chance for your children to create their own aquarelle in Zakynthos island and take back home their creation.

HIKING  (Free pick up) by FORA®

We are now convinced that the mass, the junk, the "fast food" at all levels, is not for  us. Instead, we are drawn by quality, by the human and the natural..Walking in nature can be a very good tool in this direction. It revives, it trains and it "wakes up" both the body and the mind, while it puts a brake on the fast pace of modern day life. So, we went out "with fora", we found tracks, hidden "treasures" and we offer them to you. Promising to continue, not only the touristic season, but the whole year around.

Hiking tours by Fora include:

  • Free pick up service
  • Stops for taking pictures-sharing useful information-take a rest
  • "Tavern-therapy" in the end
  • Visits and guided tours (for free) in pottery workshops, cheese factories, oil presses, wineries: get in touch with the local production and culture.

PRICES vary depending on routes and would be between euros 25-35/person. Flexible routes, flexible prices, discounts for families.


Please note: Hiking is owned and operated by FORA® (third-party) which is not associated with Porta del mar villas.

PRIVATE GUIDED TOURS - PRIVATE CAR TOURS by qualified local guide Spyros

Enjoy a guided tour anywhere on the island and meet the best sight-seeings from a local point of view. Stop by in marvelous beaches, picturesque villages, wineries, traditional taverns and learn the highlights of the islands history. Discover Zakynthos town and its best of. Flexible tours are organized according to your wishes, your group size, your schedule priorities.

One of the reasons that Zakynthos is so beautiful, is its inconsistent beauty: Soft, mild landscape on the east side, meets in contrast the wild and steep one, on the west. Therefore, if you want to have a comprehensive picture of the island, it's obvious you need a way of transportation. What if you could see the hidden beauties of the island together with a local guide?

This is what we thought and offer to you this year!

Spiros, born and grew up here, mainly doing hiking on the island, loves to share everything he knows about Zakynthos. He is your guide and driver at the same time!

The tours are private and therefore flexible, the program can be changed whenever you wish to, during the trip.

According to our experience all these years in Porta del Mar about where our guests wish to go during their holidays, we setted up a program of 5 routes:

1. Blue Caves / Askos Stone Park / Ksigia / Makris Gialos

2. Marathonissi from Keri Lake

3. Mountainous villages (Koiliomenos, Ekso Hora, Maries etc) and Navagio from above

4. Wine tour

PRICES vary depending on routes and would be between euros 25-35/person. Flexible routes, flexible prices, discounts for families.


Viticulture is one of the most traditional activities in Zakynthos and the wine production is very notable. Let us know if you are interested and we will arrange a beautiful tour to some of the best local wineries where you can visit the fields, taste the products and purchase Zakynthos most notable wines.
Viticulture in Zakynthos reaches back as far as the early 17th Century, evidenced by a poem from the time that lists several grape varieties that are still cultivated on the island today. However, during the Venetian occupation of the Ionian Islands from the 1500s to the 1800s, many of the wine-producing vines were replaced with currants. By the 1700s, Zakynthos (along with Cephalonia) was one of the world's largest exporters of currants. Even today, the Zante currant is still widely produced in Zakynthos and is known worldwide.

Happily, some vineyards remained on the island, and have been increasing in acreage since the early 19th Century. Grape varieties such as Robola, Skiadopoulo, Katsakoulis and Pavlos are used to make Verdea wine, which is designated as an 'Appellation by Tradition' in Greek wine law (the same category as the famous Retsina wine of Attica).

The name Verdea comes from verde, the Latin word for green. This refers to the viticultural practice of picking the grapes while they are still slightly unripe (or green), giving rise to an idiosyncratic white wine with searingly high acidity. Traditionally, Verdea wine is aged in oak, and provides a good match for the local seafood. Verdea wines produced on Zakynthos are unrelated to the Verdea grape variety of Emilia-Romagna in Italy.

While Verdea is by far the island's most important wine, some red wines are also made with Avgoustiatis and Xynomavro. A sweet white wine known as Lianoroidi is also made on the island from native grape varieties, although production of this regional style has declined significantly in the past century.


Askos Stone Park is the place where 170.000 self -sown plants (bushes and trees) grow, exactly as placed by Mother Mature. Inside the park you will find many representative mammals of the island, many species of birds, amphibians, insects and other native animals. It is a great opportunity for you and your family to meet and be informed in detail for the flora and fauna of Zakynthos island. The park's area contains several stone structures, like old stables, basins cut into the rock for water collection that date back many centuries and a lot of constructions using stone and wood, in harmony with the natural environment.
For more information, please visit the park's official website.


Flying pleasure and magnificent views with Zakynthos Flight Club (since 1980). Island tours, beach landings, private tours. With a four seats airplane or a 4 seats helicopter. Experienced pilots wait for you for an unforgettable trip.
All passengers are covered by insurance.
For more information, please visit the club's official website.


Tasos likes walking and if you feel in the mood you can join him in his quick tours around Porta del mar villas. The surrounding setting is the nearby small villages, gardens, olive grooves, lemon trees and the small neighbor houses. Tasos can guide you through small paths and give you the short stories behind some local attractions (churches, old olive press, old furnaces, wells) that still survive today.

Please note: Horse-riding, aquarelle art show and guided tours are owned and operated by independent contractors (third-parties) which are not associated with Porta del mar villas.